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How To Use A Profer At Home

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When you are planning to bake like a professional baker at home, you will need this equipment; so you should know – how to use a profer at home. Profer is a type of bakery equipment, which is mainly used for large-scale baking. Actually the kneaded flour is allowed to rise by using a profer, just before going inside the oven for baking.


The profer is a strong and heavy container, which is made from food grade plastic. The professional bakery houses have profers, which can control temperature and humidity of the interior. The capacity also varies from fixed type, trolley type or swing tray types. These commercial products ensure uniform proofing of the dough before baking.


At home, you can use any normal tight-lidded plastic container for using as a profer. You may follow these steps to proof the bread dough.


Step 1

Get a plastic container, which is double in size for your kneaded dough. Grease the inside walls of the plastic container with oil or butter.


Step 2

Put the dough inside the box and tightly fit the lid.


Step 3

Keep the box in a warm place, may be in the sun or over the dryer or beside the flaming stovetop for the required time.


However, if you don’t have any such plastic container you can use a greased bowl to put the dough and then tightly cover with plastic wrap. This will also create the same effect as the plastic container. Alternatively, you can put the dough on a plate and cover it with a big bowl, preferably not a metal one. Because, a metal bowl would not be able to generate the right humidity as the heat would get released through the metal.


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How To Use A Profer At Home