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How To Use A Coffee Urn

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Gearing up for a party? Everything ready but the coffee? Well,  you should neither worry nor try to make pots of coffee repeatedly for your guests. Here is a quick solution. Learn the use of a coffee urn, one which can make around 30-100 cups of coffee, depending on its design, at one go. Coffee made in an urn can be kept hot for many hours, so you can easily make it in advance i.e. before your party begins. Here are a few tips on how to use it effectively...



  • West Bend, Farberware, Delonghi and Villaware are some of the best-known coffee urn brands. They function in the same manner, so it is okay to pick any of these.

  • But mind that using a coffee urn is not that simple. It is highly technical and completely different from making regular coffee at home.

  • Coffee urns usually have a maximum-minimum volume limit for brewing because of their size. They might also burn or over-boil coffee if not used in a proper way.



  • Make sure the urn’s base is clean, empty and dry. If not, wipe its interior with paper towels.

  • Fill the urn with the desired amount of water and position a large strainer-type filter basket on a pole inside. The pole, which is hollow, sits in the pot’s bottom and extends to the urn’s top.

  • Plug the coffee urn and allow the water to boil. When water is heated, the pole falls through the coffee grounds in the basket allowing the filter to mix together with the coffee.

Brewing Methods

  • You can use different types of brewing methods depending on the type of the coffee urn you have. However, it is recommended to always consult the owner’s manual.

  • When you hear no "chugging" sound i,n the pot, the coffee is done and ready to use. However, the sound depends on the model you are using. Some brands have an indicator which turns on when the brewing is complete.


  • Unplug the urn immediately after the brewing cycle is complete and carefully remove the pole as well as basket once it cools down. This is important because it will prevent your coffee from tasting bitter, over-boiled or burnt.


So gear up for your party with the refreshing beverage,  ready for serving, thanks to the coffee urn. Check out the instructions once again, if you are not too sure.


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How To Use A Coffee Urn