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How To Build An Inground Smoker

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If you know how to build an inground smoker, then you can enjoy real smoke flavored meal at your backyard. Building an inground smoker is not that a difficult task. Only thing is that you should have some time on hand, before jumping into this project. It would be better, if you take this project during the weekend.


An inground smoker is basically a type of oven build inside the ground. Here the fuel used is basic coal and wood. Wood actually helps to build up the smoke. The oven has to be covered by some lid or clay, to envelop the smoke and heat. It takes quite a long time to get the food done. But, once it is ready, you will get overwhelmed with the taste and flavor of the cooked food. This way you can cook anything and the simplest recipe would also taste most delicate, when cooked in this method. You can say that it is one of the most primitive methods of cooking.


Steps to build an inground smoker

  1. Find a suitable area at your backyard for digging the hole. The hole should be of cubic shape having 3ft for length, breadth and width, respectively. Keep aside the soil removed from the dig. This will be required later.
  2. At the bottom, place few crumbled newspapers and then put the small and dry wood pieces in a teepee shape. Ignite the fire by lighting the newspapers. When the fire starts to grow, gradually add the bigger sized dry woods to it. 
  3. Next you should start adding the coals to the fire. The coals should almost fill up the hole. Within few minutes the coals will pick up the fire and start to burn.
  4. Meanwhile, you should spray some water on the ground around the oven. Also, soak few more wood logs in water for some time. These soaked wood will be used in the oven to generate the smoke. Simultaneously, soak few newspapers for wrapping the cooking bowl.
  5. Inside the cooking bowl, place your raw food materials according to the recipe and then close the lid tightly. Wrap this utensil with soaked newspaper. Use strong metal utensils for cooking inside the inground oven, so that it can withstand the heat.
  6. While the coal gets uniformly burned up, place the soaked wood logs over it. Try to lay these woods in a horizontal position so that you can keep the cooking utensil on them. In case, the coals are not evenly spread out inside the oven, use a shovel to do so, before you place the wooden logs. 
  7. As soon as, you place the logs, the smoke will start to generate. Place the utensils over this platform and cover everything with a lid. The lid could be made out of metal sheet or plywood. Put back all the saved soil on top of the lid. Finally, use an old and used blanket to cover everything.
  8. Now, you can go out or do whatever you like, as it will take long time to cook your special dinner. After 15-20 hours, carefully remove the covers one at a time like first the blanket, then the soil and then the lid. Bring out the cooking utensils from the burnt out oven. You should wear heat-proof gloves to bring out the food containers, as the oven might still remain quite warm and fiery.


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How To Build An Inground Smoker