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How To Use A Double Boiler - Boiler Cooking Tips

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Many of us do not know how to use a double boiler and for this reason we try not to use it in our everyday cooking. Double boiler is an interesting cooking device which includes a saucepan that is half filled with water along with another pot or a bowl just inside it. The content of the boiler is heated by boiling water.

A double boiler ensures slow and even heating which is very useful in melting items like chocolate and wax. It is also very useful in cooking a very delicate type of sauce that cannot be directly heated. Using a double boiler can make your cooking simple and quick.


Here are some tips for how to use a double boiler.       


1. If you do not have a double boiler at home, you can construct one. All you need is a metal or a heat resistant bowl, a large saucepan and a metal cookie cutter...and you are done!                 


2. Fill your saucepan with water. Try placing your bowl inside the sauce pan to check that it does not displace too much water. 

3. Now, you can put the boiler on your stove top and let the water start boiling slowly.



4. Once you notice the water begin to boil; you should place a metallic cookie cutter between the bowl and the saucepan. You need to ensure that the bowl does not touch the bottom part of the pot or else it will heat up very quickly and become too hot.



5. Put your bowl into the sauce pan and cook your dish. Boiler cooking is slightly different from other ways of cooking so be careful!


6. When you are cooking food in a double boiler, you need to pay constant attention to it. Do not move too far away from the boiler. The food needs continuous stirring at all times.


And voila - a homemade double broiler!


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How To Use A Double Boiler - Boiler Cooking Tips