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What Are The Types Of Bar Glassware?

The colors, the texture, the bounce and the bubbles, the characteristic features of a drink, seen through the kaleidoscope of the perfect glassware holding it, and to behold the drink in its youthful spirit…with so much that goes into the drink and its glass, what are the types of bar glassware available?

As mentioned, the glass for your drink renders a perspective, which can animate or dull the spirit inside the drink – be it champagne, brandy or beer. Just as your bearing is reflected in the dress you wear, the glassware to serve your drinks is the best/worst get-up your drink can get. The shape, size, longine-ness etc are parameters, which define the glass befitting any particular drink. The make of the glass is equally important – thick or thin, crystal or glass, subjected to a key role in the ‘light ‘n’ liquid effect, playing doubles to render a sheen or sparkle to your drink – the appeal which you drink in through your eyes, before your lips sip in.

Here are the different types of bar glassware, which stand in distinction of the drinks they are meant for:

•    The Beer Mug

Beer - one drink  served in largesse and enjoyed with generous sips from the typical beer mug. Just as the purpose it is served for, the beer mug is made of thick glass and has a large handle.

The beer mug capacity ranges from 10 oz to 22 oz.

•    Brandy snifter

As warm as a brandy and feel the soothing spirit gushing down your throat; or for typically French -the cognac- the short-stemmed brandy snifter, is to be held by the middle and the ring finger, which helps to “warm up with the touch of your hands”,  so that you are able to take in the drink warm.

Here, the capacity ranges from 5 oz to 25 oz.

•    Champagne flute

The sparkling wine, which is a coveted treasure either as a status symbol or the spirit of festivity, champagne epitomizes celebration in the truest spirits. The bubbly is best adorned in Champagne flute glass, which is flute shaped. The design of these tall glasses helps to retain the fizz of the champagne and also projects well the bubbles of the bubbly. This is one standard glass among the different types of  bar glassware.

The capacity of these glasses range from 6 oz to 10 oz.

•    Collins glass

The popular drink , Tom Collins, had held everyone in its rapture. To commemorate the popularity of the drink, the Tom Collins glasses came into being. These lanky-looking glasses are best for serving soft drinks, cocktails, and juices.

These glasses can hold up to 10 oz to 16 oz of the drink.

•    Cordial glass

When you want to serve liquor in fashionably small quantities it would help you best to have a type of bar glassware, which is cordial and compatible with such small quantities. The cordial glass has a very small stem which ideally serves the purpose.

The capacity range for these glasses is 1 oz to 4 oz.

•    Highball glass

For cocktails or mixed drinks-the most commonly used glassware at any bar is the highball glass which is utilitarian and stylish in its own way.

The capacity range for these glasses 8 oz to 12 oz

•    Hurricane glass

Want your drink to take you by a storm, and make you a part of the deep-sea adventure? That’s the spirit infused with many exotic drinks and tropical favorites, which are best served in a hurricane glass shaped like a hurricane lamp.

The capacity range for these glasses is  15 oz to 23 1/2 oz.

•    Irish Coffee mugs
What are the types of bar glassware to serve hot drinks? Generally the convention is associated with serving chilled in a bar. But hot beverages also have their share of spotlight. So Irish Coffee mugs come to the rescue with its short stem and handle to serve a drink hot.

The capacity range for these glasses is 8 oz to 10 oz

•    Margarita glass

Also popularly called the “Coupette Glass”,  the margarita glass is uniquely for the purpose of serving  Margaritas and Daiquiris- the cocktails leaving you in a swirl , stirs you up with a stylishly designed glass.

The capacity range for these glasses – 7 oz to 12 oz

•    Martini Glass

The stem which branches out to a ‘V’- shaped cup- the martini glass is best for serving drinks without ice. Also called the “Cocktail glass”, this works best when the glass is chilled before use.

•    Old fashioned glass

Contrary to its name, the old-fashioned glass is used for all the drinks, which has the “rock ‘n’ roll” effect, especially the ones, which bounce with a splash. Popularly referred to as the “Rocks glass”, this is a must-include in the different types of bar glassware that can be found .

The capacity range for these glasses is 5 oz to 6 oz.

•    Pilsner glass

A stem-less, flute-shaped glass, which is tall and is mainly used for serving beer, is the Pilsner glass. Compared to the “largesse” of the beer mug, this sleek counterpart towers with the beer’s indomitable spirit.

The capacity range is 10 oz to 16 oz

•    Punch bowl

This party bowl is a large container used for serving punches (fruit punch both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  Its ‘designer’ look makes it ideal for parties and answers flamboyantly on what are the types of bar glassware to be sported.

•    Shot glass

When you want to measure for your drink, a shot glass comes in handy, used as a measuring glass, this type of bar glassware is used for pouring in ‘shots’ of liquor or mixing with other drinks.

The capacity range is from 1 oz to 4 oz.

•    Wine bowl

Red or white wines, the thin-stemmed wine glasses have a bowl shaped cup to hold the wine. The red wine glasses have a wider bowl to give the wine enough space to take in the air, to blend the flavors for greater intensity. These glasses always have to be held by the stem so that the warmth of your hand doesn’t alter the temperature of the wine.

The enumeration above answers your question on what are the different types of bar glassware and now you can sparkle with the enlightenment of drinking in the spirit, which is enthroned in its right and rightful place – the perfect glassware.

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What Are The Types Of Bar Glassware?