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What Are The Types Of Scotch Glasses

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The taste, color and aroma of the scotch is equally important as its brand. But it has been found that different types of scotch glasses ignite the desire within the drinker.  These scotch glass varieties allow drinkers to take scotch in whichever way they like – mixed, on the rocks, or straight.  Following are the most common types of scotch glasses.

Tumblers --- they are also known as old –fashioned glasses. On hearing the word "scotch glass," the first set of images that conjure up in our mind are that of the sitcom characters sipping their scotch from the short, round or square shaped tumblers. It is said that tumblers are best for killing fragrances. So if you are new to scotch and want to smell and feel the taste of each alcohol, then this type of glasses are not recommended. Instead you can go for other shapes that allow you to enjoy, aroma, color and feel of your scotch.




Crystal glasses
Crystal glasses highlight the clarity of the scotch. The crystal glass derives its luster from its lead oxide polished interiors. The expensive crystal glasses have more lead oxide polish on them. These crystal glasses have replaced tumblers on the party scene because they are perceived to be the symbols of elegance. Crystal glasses have short life of sparkle compared to other glasses because the alcohol content of the scotch dissolves the lead quicker. But still it is considered to be safe to drink scotch from such glasses. But storing alcohol in crystal vessels are largely discouraged because they may result in lead poisoning. Lead poisoning is injurious to health.



Tulip-shaped glasses
Tulip shaped glasses allow you to enjoy the aroma, taste and feel of scotch in all senses. You can twirl the glass (without spilling scotch) and enjoy the scent of the liquor. The tapered opening of the glass doesn’t allow the aroma to escape. The aroma enhances the taste and flavor of the scotch.





Single malt scotch glasses

The single malt scotch glasses are so designed to enhance the flavor of scotches. These glasses are designed with wide mouthed edges, narrow neck channels, and flared tips, which channelizes the flow of liquid to the right place on the tongue. 



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What Are The Types Of Scotch Glasses