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Tips On How To Use The Red Devil Gas Grill - The Portable BBQ Grill

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Red Devil gas grill is not only easy to use but highly compact and portable. Red Devil gas grill is a good option for all those people who would like to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor cooking while on the move. For those who are still not accustomed to using their Red Devil gas grill, here are few handy tips on how to use the Red Devil gas grill


  • Installing the Red Devil gas grill: Red Devil gas grill has several interesting features; however, the biggest advantage seems to be the fact that it is light weight, easily portable, and even easier to assemble. The Red Devil comes with a quick to open/close tripod stand, a stove top, and a propane-gas bottle holder along with a heavy duty carryon bag that holds all these items and more. To set up a Red Devil gas grill, just snap open the stand, place the stove top over it, fix in the gas bottle and you are ready to cook.
  •  Adjusting the grill height: The other good feature of the Red devil is the differential height setting of the reversible grill attachment, depending on the type of food you are cooking reduce or increase the height of the grill and adjust the amount of heat that your food receives.
  • Temperature settings: Many users have told me and even I have experienced that the Red devil heats up very fast. Though, this is a good thing, for it speeds up cooking, one must be a little careful and not leave the food unattended to long – there are high chances of the food getting charred otherwise. Use the temperature/heal control knobs judiciously.
  • Radiant heat plate: The Red Devil comes with a unique “Radiant heat plate,” which helps in vaporizing the fat drippings and prevents flare ups. Moreover, you can add some wood chips to the heat plate for some nice, distinctly smoky flavor. 
  • Top dome cover: Lastly do not forget to use the dome cover. This cover helps raise the temperatures to a mighty 375oF and above in a matter of minutes. Use the dome for preparing nicely baked, roasted, or smoked BBQ dishes. 


So, these are some of the ways in which you can get the maximum out of your Red Devil gas grill. However, like any other gas grill, follow the requisite safety norms and always keep a fire extinguisher ready to prevent any major accidents.

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Tips On How To Use The Red Devil Gas Grill - The Portable BBQ Grill