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How to Identify a Good Knife and Three Cutting Techniques

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SO... it's been a while since I have posted a new video, which is why I am so excited to be posting a new video today!!
Now I am super excited about this video for two reasons:
1. It's my first "how-to" video.
2. It's the first video that my husband and I produced all by ourselves (in the past we were working with one other person).
I plan to be back in full effect with the videos in the upcoming months, except this time I'll be aiming for one or two per month instead of one per week.

I have so many different ideas that I would love to shoot (including a simple alternative to a traditional thanksgiving turkey for November)!!

Okay, okay...enough about that...back to THIS video.

I decided to make my first "How-to" about "Basic Knife Skills" because I really do believe that this is the number one way to save time in the kitchen. Once you know what to do with your knife, half the work is done for you!

So check it out, and as always...I'd love to hear what you think!

And honset...kind...but honest!

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Basic Knife Skills In The Kitchen
Every home cook needs to know about the basic knife skills to save hours in the kitchen. Watch out the video and get info on how to use knives safely for your culinary purpose.

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How To Identify A Good Knife And Three Cutting Techniques Video, Basic Knife Skills In The Kitchen