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How To Build A Grill Out Of A 55 Gallon Drum?

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A sleek and simple BBQ grill made from a trash 55 gallon drumThe barbecue season is here, and if you still don’t have a BBQ grill of your own then it is high time you bought one or rather built one! Don’t know how to build a grill; worry not for today, I am going to show how to build a grill out of a 55 gallon drum. Building this grill is not only simple but also a highly inexpensive alternative to readymade grills. So read on and find out more…


To make this grill you will need a clean 55 gallon drum or barrel (use metal ones only, you cannot make grills out of plastic drums!), you can get this from any pet shop, grocery store, or purchase it online. However, remember not to use any drums that were previously used to store chemicals or toxins – any residue in these drums can pose a potential danger. Besides the drum, you will also require welding and metal cutting tools, safety gear, stainless steel hinges, brass handles, metal mesh, ¾” strong metal tubings or a trash shopping cart.


Making the lid: For this, first measure the circumference of the drum and divide it into quarters. Now mark quarters and accurately cut out 1 quarter of the drum – this will form the lid for your grill. To fix the lid to the main grill attach two stainless steel hinges on either sides of the drum. For easy handling, fix 2 small handles on the either side of the main grill and a long brass handle in the center of the lid. The 2 small handles will aid easy movement of the grill, while the lid handle will allow you to open and shut the grill safely. 


Making air vents: To make the air vents drill approximately 2” holes about 3” above the rim of the lid, smoothen the edges and make a removable cover. You can use properly fitting metal bottle caps to make the vent covers; use washers to ensure a snug fit. 


A wheeled trolley has been used to make this drum grill Making the primary grill: To make the primary grill, measure the dimensions of the inner pit and cut the metal mesh accordingly. Tack down the edges of the mesh, to ensure safety during cleaning and handling of the mesh, and fit it onto the pit. Your primary grill is ready.


Making the stand: Using ¾” metal tubing design a simple stand for the grill; place the grill over the stand and weld the 2 together. You can reinforce the stand with extra metal straps if required. Alternately, you can also use a discarded shopping cart to make a sturdy and portable stand for your grill. Just visit your nearest mall and request for a discarded shopping cart; do remember to carry the measurements of your grill along. Once you have the right sized shopping cart with you, cut out the basket from the cart, place the drum over it, and weld the 2 together. 


Now your very own “homemade” grill is all ready! All you need to do now is fill the grill with some charcoal or wood and prepare delectable mouth watering dishes. Not only will your guest love the food that you make but will be totally marveled by your creation. 

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How To Build A Grill Out Of A 55 Gallon Drum?