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How a Microwave Works

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We will tell you about how a microwave works. The wide usage of microwave ovens was popularized in the 1970’s. This invention raised the convenience of work at households to a new level, but how a microwave works is the question that many of you would want to know. A microwave oven cooks food from the inside out using strongly-powered radio waves.

A microwave has several parts. One of the main parts inside this metal box is a magnetron which is the microwave generator. When you begin cooking in a microwave oven, the electricity from the power switch directly reaches the magnetron where it gets converted into 12-cm high-powered radio waves. A channel known as the wave guide blasts these radio waves in the food compartment. As a result, the food gets placed on a turntable that moves slowly in a circular motion and it gets cooked evenly in the microwave oven.

The radio waves reach the food and pass through it. As soon as these waves penetrate through the food, they enable the water molecules inside to vibrate quickly. When these molecules vibrate, heat is produced. Hence, the faster vibrations within the water molecules, heat the food.

Take a closer look at a video of how a microwave works

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How A Microwave Works