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How do I create a chopping board?

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Every kitchen must have a chopping board. Chopping boards or cutting boards come in a variety of sizes and are handy to have around the kitchen. You go to a kitchen supply house or your favorite super store or department store and buy chopping boards. Making the chopping board at home is a creative alternative. Here’s how you create a chopping board. Chopping board
Things required to create a chopping board
Table saw
1-inch by 12-inch by 96-inch oak or maple board
Handheld electric sander
Mineral spirits
Mineral oil
Several clean, soft cloths
How to make chopping boards
Step 1: Always select a board that lack warp and cupping. Determine this by holding the board on its edge and look down the top edge of the board. You will be able to see if there is any warping of the board. Rest the board on the floor flat. See if all the edges of the board are touching the floor. If not, then the board is cupped at some point. Discard that one and select another board.
Step 2: Next, set up your table saw by setting the fence for the desired width of your chopping board. Commonly 12 inches by 12 inches makes a good size. If you don’t have a table saw go for a lumberyard.
Step 3: According to the size you have chosen cut the board.
Step 4: Make use of a handheld electric sander to even the board on every sides.
Step 5:  Dampen a soft cloth with mineral spirits, and clean the board to get rid of any loose sawdust. Mineral oil is non-toxic and thus safe to use.
Step 6: By using a soft cloth coat the board with mineral oil and your homemade chopping board is ready!

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How Do I Create A Chopping Board?