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How To Make A Chopping Block For The Kitchen

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Need to make a kitchen chopping block which can be used for everyday choppingWe all need chopping blocks in our kitchen – hence it is very important to know how to make a chopping block for the kitchen, so that we can make such chopping blocks as per our needs and use. Making a chopping block might take you a little time as you have to plan for the design, material to be used and dimension of the cutting board. You will also have to assemble different types of tools for your kitchen block.

Stage one: Your first task is to assemble the block and give it cuts. The cuts should be straight neat cuts. When you have given them the desired cuts you can add some glue to the edges of this board, so that they are neatly joined. Now, you can clamp all of them together until you are sure that the glue is well dried.

Stage two: It is now time to start the process of smoothening the block. You can take help of a belt to make the surface smooth. This can be done very easily by moving the belt in a diagonal way on the board. You can trim one side of your chopping board also with the help of a saw. When I was making my chopping block, I found that the cutting board was moving constantly – to avoid this kind of situation, you can use a wooden cradle which shall help you to hold the wood in a steady way. You can cut off a thin strip from the edge if you find that the edges are still not of the smoothness you are looking for. Remember, this is a crucial stage, because you will be choosing which part of the boards you will use for chopping by determining the smoothness of the surface. The making of a kitchen chopping block with the help of several tools.

Step three: Now you can flip your chopping board so that the bottom of the board faces upwards. You can now draw a semicircle with a pencil. This will be your cutline that shall help in the scrapping of food from your chopping board to the bowl.

Step four:  You are almost done with the process of making a chopping block. You can now drill 4 leg sockets and align legs to your chopping board. Ensure that the legs fit well into the sockets and their fitting is right. This will give your board the much needed support while you are chopping.

Finishing touches – This stage is the final completion stage of your chopping block making process. You can add some mineral oil coating so that the board is protected. Once completed, check for other un-finished or clumsy work or anything which needs attention (you will find many). You are done with your chopping board and it is ready to be used whenever you want.

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How To Make A Chopping Block For The Kitchen