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How to build a cold smoke generator

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Building a cold smoke generator is rather easy and can be done in no time. You spend a few dollars and build a cold smoker with on three items.
Items needed to build a cold smoker
1.An empty can with its lid partly attached
2.A soldering iron
3. A bag of smoker pellets.
You can use the can of corn or green beans to build a cold smoker. Make sure you open the can only about two-thirds of the way around. The lid that is attached to the can will support the inexpensive soldering iron. Remove any label and the adhesive on the outside of the can. Rinse the can thoroughly inside out. Then, with the help of a knife, create a hole so that you can attach the soldering iron with the can. Make sure that the can is clean and the knife is sharp and sturdy.
Always buy a new soldering iron and do not ever re-use the one which has been used for soldering. A small soldering iron will be sufficient to make the cold smoke generator. Do not go for any lead or a toxic heavy metal soldering. This will only contaminate the food.
For smoker pellets you will be able to find it at the grilling and barbecue section at your favorite store. There are many kinds of pellets available choose the best on that will yield the best result.
Cold smoke generator building instructions:
Step 1: Take the empty can and fill it with about one-third smoker pellets. Then close the can lid.
Step 2: Put in the soldering iron, placing it so when the can is laid on its side, the hot tip of the iron is under the pellets.
Step 3: Put down the smoke generator in your grill or smoker with your food that has to be cold smoked.
Step 4: Close the lid. Be careful and plug in the soldering iron and you're ready to go. The generator will be producing cool smoke for up to an hour and the call for recharging with pellets. Understand that depending on your smoke one filling of pellets may be enough.

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How To Build A Cold Smoke Generator