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How To Build A Barbecue Grill

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Building a barbeque grill out of bricks

This article describes a step-by-step process of how to build a barbeque grillBuilding a barbeque grill out of bricks is easy and affordable. It will help you to grill meats and other vegetables and enjoy delicious foods without spending huge amounts of money. 



1.    Decide the size and the position of the circular barbeque grill. The size of the grill should be decided according to the cover that is available for the grill. 

2.    Make sure that the size of your grill should have a slightly smaller diameter than that of the grill grate/cover.

3.    Now, make use of your grill grate as a guide to mark the actual grill size on the ground. 

4.    Assemble the bricks in a circular shape in a way that they touch each other. 

5.    Complete the first circle and begin with making a new one. The new layer should be made in such fashion that one new brick overlaps two bricks in the layer below. 

6.    Keep adding the layers of brick in the same fashion till a height of about 2 feet is built.

7.    Fill the base of the fire pit by stones followed by firewood.

8.    Light the fire and burn till a good depth of red wood embers is seen at the bottom. 

9.    Cover it with grill grate and you may begin with cooking some delicious food.


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How To Build A Barbecue Grill