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How To Build A Bbq – Grill Your Own Food

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Congratulations – your decision to read this article is your first step towards learning how to build a Bbq. Now, that you have decided on building Bbq you need to have some great ideas on the design and style of your Bbq. Would you like a complex smoker or just a simple Bbq?  

You will be building bbq for your own needs; hence a simple charcoal barbecue or a wood fire one can be good for you. Here are some of the things which you need to consider when you are building a barbecue.

Easy way to learn how to build a bbq for home grilling purposeSpace: Your first task is to decide on a space for your barbecue. You should look for a well ventilated space where cooking can be done safely. Ensure that no other structure is in danger from such a built bbq.
Building bbq pit: Your next task is to build a pit for your barbecue. The best option for any homemade barbecue is to build it with bricks and sand. This is very strong and compact – you can use it for any type of cooking. It is easy to maintain and can be repaired very conveniently at that place only.
Fuel: Once you have completed your pit, you have to arrange for the fuel. You have to decide what kind of fuel you will be using. Wood fuel or charcoal is excellent and is normally preferred in any home Bbq, since it is readily available. It works well on any type of brick pit also. You should ensure that you have enough fuel at home always, so that you do not have to sacrifice your craving for bbq dishes, because you don’t have your regular stock of fuel. Gas grill is also preferred by many people, for which you will have to purchase a good quality gas grill which you can use safely at home.
Placing the grill: If you are done with your fuel arrangements, you are very close to the completion of your building bbq. Place the grill slowly and carefully just above your wood or charcoal pellets. Many people suggest that the grill should be placed before the wooden pellets, but I feel it is much easier the other way. You can try it yourself and choose whichever way you feel is convenient for you.
Test checking: You have now learnt how to build a bbq, but before you start cooking for your guests, it is essential to test-check it. It is always good to avoid any kind of embarrassing situation. Light your bbq and check out small details, like the spread of fire, how the heat is spreading and if the grill is placed in the right manner. Cook a small fish or any small piece of chicken to see how long it takes and if any changes are needed in the bbq.
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How To Build A Bbq – Grill Your Own Food