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How to Build Wine Barrel Racks

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How to Build Wine Barrel RacksIf you are new to the wine making business or you are planning to start one, then the one thing that will be most daunting is storing wine. Whereas, most of the manufacturers store wine in oak barrels, we bring to the detail on how to build wine barrel racks. These wine barrel racks are very easy to build and does not require special carpentry knowledge. The very useful wine barrels help in storing the wines properly and affect the wines aging process as well. All you need to build these wine barrels is holds of four 30 gallon barrels and construction lumber. 


Steps on how to build wine barrel racks


1. Put down two boards of 4 by 4 inch at a distance of 28 inches from each other flat and parallel. Then, you need to screw a board of 2 by 4 inch at the ends of other boards perpendicularly. The edge of the 2 by 4 inch board must be flush along with the end points on 4 by 4 inch boards. After this, bolt a separate 2 by 4 board so that it is 26 1/2 inches away and parallel from the board of 2-by-4. The first steps needs to be repeated with the other two boards of 4-by-4, and 2-by-4.


2. Both the sets of 4-by-4s must stand on the end of the edge of the bottom two 2-by-4 boards are laying on edge on the floor. Make sure that board of 2 by 4 stands between the two sets of board size 4-by-4s. Bolt a 35-inch side of the plywood to one board of 2-by-4, which is closest to the floor. Moreover, the other 35-inch side of the plywood to the other 2-by-4 board that is again closest to the floor. Screw the last sheet of the plywood to the boards of 2-by-4 that are above the first. This helps in completing the shelves. The barrels should be placed on the sides next to each other on the plywood.


3. Lastly, to provide proper support, screw the 71-inch boards perpendicularly to the top of the rack. There must be two boards, one supporting on the front, and one from the back. The sides of the boards of 4-by-4 should be flush with the ends of the 71-inch board, and the same 71 inch board’s edge should be flush with the top of the 4-by-4 boards. 


So, just follow these above mentioned steps of how to build wine barrel racks mixed with your carpentry talent, you can easily build wine barrel racks.  

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How To Build Wine Barrel Racks