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How to Build a Brick Smoker BBQ Pit

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Here is how to build a brick smoker BBQ Pit. The campfire like feel of a barbeque pit makes it well-liked for get-togethers of friends and family. An effortless, brick smoker barbeque pit with a great on top for smoking or grilling food is really inexpensive. If you are still wondering how to build a brick smoker BBQ pit, follow the steps mentioned below.

brick smoker BBQ pit


1.    Dig a hole which is 1 foot deep and 5 feet wide. A three foot wide grill can easily be accommodated in this hole.  Use shovel to scrape the bottom of this hole.

2.    Add a layer of crushed rocks, which is about 4 inches, to the bottom of the hole. The gravel should then be tamped. Add about 3 inches of sand over the crushed rock. Sand and crushed rock allow simultaneous activity of blocking the fire while forming drainage.

3.    Use retaining –wall blocks to make a circular wall on the inner edge of the hole’s boundary. Make sure that majority of the bricks are stacked tightly together, but maintain a gap at 2-3 places so that air can flow through the pit.

4.    Cut a 5-foot-diameter circle from a sheet of expanded steel mesh with bolt cutters, a grinder with a cutting wheel attachment, a circular saw with a metal cutting blade, or a oxyacetylene cutting torch.

5.     Put the steel mesh for grilling on the top of wall of brick.

6.    Make another heap of bricks over the steel mesh. This will serve as a protective lip for the grilling area.

7.    Stack yet another row of bricks over the steel mesh. The opening should be closed with plywood so as to use it as a smoker.                                                      

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How To Build A Brick Smoker BBQ Pit