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All You Want to Know : Kitchen Glossary

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A’l Allemande
Applied to dishes finished or garnished German specialties
Served with potato dumpling sauerkraut, smoked sausages.

A’l Algerienne
Served with small tamotes, peeled and cooked in oil, croquettes of sweet potatoes

A’l Alsacienne
Served with tartlets garnished with braised sauerkraut, and roundels of ham.

A’l Americaine
Garnished with slices of lobster tail and slices of truffles.

A’l Ancienne
Garnished with small-braised onions without colouring and mushrooms.

A’l Andalousse
Served with half capsicum stuffed with riz a’la Greque and sections of egg plant cooked in oil, garnished with dices to tomatoes; chopped parsley on the tomatoes.

For fish: topped with white wine sauce, Asparagus tips.
For Butcher’s Meat: Asparagus tips covered with Hollandaise Sauce

A’la Beurre
Cooked or served with butter

A’la Bigarade
With orange or orange sauce

Au Bleu
Fish such as trout, cooked immediately until after they are caught by simmering in white wine with herbs or in water containing salt and vinegar.

En Bordure
With a border of cooked vegetables. (Usually of mashed potatoes)

A’la Boulangere
(Baker’s style) sliced onions and potatoes sautéed in butter, mixed, and baked together with meat.

A’la Bourguignonne
Burgundy style - garnished with glazed small onions butter mushrooms tossed in butter and diced bacon, cooked and served in red wine sauce.

A’la Bretonne
Usually implied a garnish of haricot beans or bean puree. There is also a Bretonne sauce used with eggs and fish, which includes onions or leeks with white wine.

A’la Bouquetiere
(Florist style) served garnished with artichoke bottoms filled alternatively with glazed carrot and turnip balls, dices of French Beans, peas and small heaps of cauliflower cooked with Hollandaise sauce and small potatoes.

En Broche
Roasted or grilled on a spit of skewer.

A’la Cardinal
Served topped with scallops of lobster and slices of truffles, cardinal sauce mixed with dices of truffles and lobster.

A’la Carte
Food prepared or served to order as per guest’s choice from an individual price menu.

A’la Chantilly
Accompanied by vanilla flavoured sweetened whipped cream.

A’la Chasseur
In the hunter’s style. With a garnish of mushrooms cooked with shallots and white wine.

En Cocotte
Cooked and served in a cocotte dish

Ala Conde
Usually denotes the presence of rice. Also the name of a type of patisserie

A’la conti
Served with lentil puree and pieces of boiled bacon.

En Conquille
Served in the shell or dish made to resemble a shell

A’la Crecy
Made or garnished with carrots

A’la Creole
Served with risotto, stuffed green pepper Creole sauce.

En Croute
Game, entrees and savouries, etc. Served on a shaped slice of bread or pastry, which is toasted or fried or baked.

A’la diable
Devilled or highly spiced

A’la Doria
Shallow fried fish garnished with olive shaped pieces of cucumber tossed in butter, brown butter and lemon juice and chopped parsley.

A’la dubarry
Garnished with cauliflower

A’la duchess
Served with duchess potatoes and Madeira sauce

A’la Egyptienne
In Egyptian style, fried in oil, tomatoes, concasse, fried onion, curry sauce

A’la Flamande
Served with a garnish of braised vegetables and bacon or roundels of small sausages and boiled potatoes

A’la Florentine
Served on the bed of spinach

A’la Forestire
Meat and poultry garnished with Morel (black mushrooms), dices of bacon and parmentier potatoes

Au Four
Cooked in the oven

Au Gratin
Sprinkled with breadcrumbs and/or grated cheese and then browned under the salamander.

A’la Henry IV
Served with pont-Neuf potatoes and water cress

A’la Hollandaise
Dutch style, with sauce Hollandaise

A’la Hongroise
In the Hungarian style, cooked in cream sauce seasoned with paprika

A’la Indienne
In Indian style - dishes including curry or chutney and often served with rice.

A’la Italienne
Generally applied to dishes made partly or wholly of pasta and often parmesan cheese and tomato flavoring

A’la Jardiniere
Prepared or served with variety of vegetables

Au Jus
Served with neutral juices or gravy

A’la Kari

A’la King
Served in a rich cream sauce (often flavoured with sherry) and including mushrooms and green pepper.

A’la Louisiane
Served with sweet corn a’la creme,(moulded rice on slices of fried potatoes, roundels of fried bananas)

A’la Maison
In the house style

A’la Maitre d’Hotel
With Maitre d’Hotel or parsley butter

A’la Mariniere
The term applied to fish dishes cooked in white wine and garnished with mussels.

A’la Maryland
With grilled slices of streaky bacon, small polenta pancakes (maize), and half-fried banana

A’la Meuniere
Fish dredged with flour, shallow fried in butter and served with this butter and chopped parsley.

A’la Milanaise
Garnished with spaghetti or Macaroni tossed on butter, mixed with grated parmesan cheese and julienne of ox tongue, mushrooms and truffles, tomato sauce.

A’la Minute
Quickly cooked, e.g. grills, omelets

A’la Mode
Beef braised in the classic way, also in American fruits or other sweets pies served with ice cream.

A’la Mornay
Coated with Mornay sauce (cheese sauce)

A’la Nantua
Garnished with crayfish tails covered with Nantua sauce, slices of truffles.

A’la Napolitaine
In Naples, style - dressed on spaghetti tossed in butter and mixed a with grated Parmesan, glazed, border of tomato sauce poured around.

Au Naturel
Plain, uncooked (e.g. oysters) or very simply cooked.

A’la Nicoise
(In Nice Style) garnish with tomato concasse tossed with garlic, capers and lemon slices, anchovy butter

A’la Orientale
Fish, egg, vegetables, cooked with tomatoes and flavoured with garlic and often with saffron.

En Papillote
Cooked and served in a paper pouch (a special type of cooking)

A’la Parisienne
Garnish varies considerably but always included Pomme Parisienne

A’la Polonaise
(In polish style) used for a variety of savory dishes;usually implies that food is sprinkled with chopped hard boiled egg and parsley which is poured over with noisette butter in which fine bread crumbs have been golden fried.

A’la Portugaise
(In Portuguese style) most dishes include tomatoes, onion and garlic.

A’la Provenle
Contains olive oil, garlic and often tomatoes

A’la Reine
Implies dishes based on chicken

A’la St. Garmain
Indicates use of green peas.

A’la Soubise
Flavoured with onion or garnished with onion puree

Table d’Hotel
A meal consisting of fixed number of courses at a fixed price. They may be some choice offered in every course.

En Tasse
In a cup, usually of soups, etc.

Au Vert-pre
Garnished with watercress with straw potatoes and often served with maitre d’Hotel butter, also coated with green mayonnaise

A’la Vichy
Implies the use of carrots.

A’la Zingara
Ham Julienne, tongue, mushrooms and truffles coloured with tomatoes half glaze Madeira and tarragon essence.

Aiguillettes :
Long, thin vertically cut strips of meat from the breast of ducks and other poultry. Also fish cut in strips and sautéed in a frying pan.

Culinary term for prepared mixtures, preparation composed of several elements of different nature mixed together to form a dough or a batter e.g. Croquette appareil.

Aromates :
Herbs/spices/plants/roots which give an agreeable flavour or odour.

A transparent jelly made form seasoned meat stock. Used to make moulds of meat, fish or game and also garnish meat or fish.

A kind of galantine, usually served hot but sometimes-cold, made of meat, poultry, game or fish, boned, stuffed and rolled into a bundle. The word is also used for small balls of meat of poultry.

A boat-shaped tartlet case filled in with a variety of stuffing’s/mixtures.

To thicken soups or sauces with eggs, cream, etc. To mix chopped meat, vegetables, and etc./ with sauce.

A shell fish soup (thick)

Equal quantities of flour and butter kneaded together. Used for thickening soups/sauces.

To pass through boiling water to remove skin dirt or to partially cook the food item.

A white stew.

A combination of parsley, thyme, bay leaf and celery tied together to forma a bundle and used to give flavour to soups, stocks and sauces

Small round puff paste patty;tiny savoury of hors doeuvre tit-bit to do traditionally a mouthful only. They may be filled in a variety of ways e.g. Buchee a’la Reine-filled with chicken ragout

Broth of meat, fish or vegetables. A thin soup

To brown meat, game or poultry quickly and thoroughly and then cook in a little liquid on a bed or root vegetables in a covered casserole Vegetables are braised usually without browning.

Braising pan. A covered casserole.

Solution of sea salt, to which is often added sugar, salt petre and aromatics. Preserving mixture for foodstuff.

Can be served as breakfast roll, Very light French rolls

A light yeast dough cake, usually soaked in rum e.g. Baba

Bain Marie
A large pan to hold hot or cold water to keep food stuffs warm or cold. An alternative to the double sauce pan.

To apply melted fat, or cooking juices on food during cooking to keep it moist.

A mixture, sweet or salted of flour and liquid such as mild or eggs, of coating consistency used for coating the food in frying pan or for making pancakes

Vegetable in tiny dices of 1-3 mm size.

Bake blind
When bread is not filled

Small pieces of plain, grilled or fried or toasted bread, garnished in a variety of ways, Served mainly as hors d’ oeuvres or cocktail snacks

Burnt sugar, commonly known as ‘Black Jack’

To line a mould thinly with caramel, to coat or dip fruits in crack sugar

A fireproof earthenware sauce pan it is always with or (stew pan)

A castrated male chicken fed on hormones. It grows to a big size and has tender meat.

Bread crumbs made of left over non-sweet bread.

Jam or fruit preserve

Fruit stewed in syrup

Small, round fire-proof dish for cooking an egg.

Baby marrow

Fish stock with white wine or vinegar.

Fried bread used as garnish. For soups they are cut in small cubes, for other dishes in a variety of fancy shapes.

A small beaker shaped mould

Middle section of a large round fish

A brown sauce of fairly thick consistency frequently used to improve other sauces and stews.

Devilled. Generally applied to fried or grilled fish or meat prepared with the addition of very hot condiments, sometimes a highly seasoned and spiced sauce.

To cut in thin slice, wafers.

A meat dish served with a sauce. Fourth course of the men, frequently served as a main dish

To pour brandy or liqueurs over a dish and set on fire.

Crescent and other fancy shapes of baked puff pastry. Used to garnish a variety of dishes.

Iced, frozen or chilled

A variety of small sweets, preserved fruits, etc. Served As petit fours or dessert.

A method of cooking food in sauce and gravy. Formerly applied only to a white stew of chicken, veal or rabbit. Now-a-days there are also brown Fricasse

Fried, Friture, Fried Food

Essence of fish or herbs

A small beaker shaped mould

Middle section of a large round fish

A brown sauce of fairly thick consistency frequently used to improve other sauces and stews.

Devilled. Generally applied to fried or grilled fish or meat prepared with the addition of very hot condiments, sometimes a highly seasoned and spiced sauce.

To cut in thin slice, wafers

A meat dish served with a sauce. Fourth course of the menu frequently served as a main dish.

To pour brandy or liqueurs over a dish and set on fire.

Crescent and other fancy shapes of baked puff pastry. Used to garnish a variety of dishes.

Iced, frozen or chilled

Fried, Fritter, Fried Food

Essence of fish or herbs. Reduced fish stock.

Laison (binding Agent)

e.g. cream and eggs used as thickening agent for soups and sauces.

A’la Maison
In the style of the particular restaurant.

Maitre d’Hotel
Herb butter, served with grilled meat and for making a’la Kiev items, etc.

Several kinds of fruits and vegetables cut into dices or julienne’s and mixed together as in Russian Salad

An earthenware pot, in which soups and stews are cooked and served at the table, the name is also given to certain dishes cooked in this pot e.g.

Round shaped meat, etc.

Small dainty e.g. small portions of filet of beef.

Mire Poix
Roughly cut root vegetables viz. turnips, carrots, celery used for making stocks, soups, etc.

a light and fluffy froth, which may by sweet or savoury; hot or cold

Puree strained extra fine and mixed with cream

Cubes of mutton and either potatoes and onions or mixed vegetables.

To Coat food items by rolling with bread crumbs after dipping in eggs.

To stuff chicken, tomatoes, etc. With rice minced meat, mushrooms or any other fillings.

A fine cold dish of dish, meat or poultry, Boned, stuffed, cooked in steam, water bath in an oven and gelatinized

Garnish. An ingredient, which decorates, accompanies or completes a dish. Many dishes are identified by the name of their garnishes.

Ice, Ice cream

Glace De Viande
Boiled down bone broth of marrow bones, etc. Reduced to the consistency of jelly used for glazing cooked meat to improve their appearance also used to strengthen soups and sauces.

A kind of Italian dumpling made from semolina or other flour.

To gratinate. To glaze in oven or salamander after topping with Marnay or Hollandaise
Sauce or just sprinkling with grated cheese and dots of butter

Gratin (au)
Gratinated dish

Okra, lady finger

Hors d’ Oeuvre
1st course of the menu. Appetizers-hot or cold

Thin strips, 3-5cm long and 1-2 mm thick, usually of vegetables. Also made of ham, ox tongue chicken, etc.

To insert thin strips of lard into meat or beef filet by means of larding tube or a larding needle.

Pastas made from wheat or semolina, given different shapes and dried e.g. spaghetti, vermicelli, macaroni, noodles and ravioli (stuffed with minced meat or vegetables) produce of Italy.

Slices of meat or fish rolled plain or with force meat

Vegetables cut in very thin slices

Plat Du Jour
The main dish of the day at a restaurant

Braised, pot-roasted in butter

A kind of dumpling made from various kinds of forcemeat, poached, made in different shapes like balls, ovals,

A rich seasoned meat stew, French equivalent of Irish stew, but usually browned and thickened. Literal meaning of the word is to restore taste.

Stuffed sweet or savoury paste crescents

Meat roll or galantine

Flour and butter cooked to different degrees. It may be white, blond or brown. Used as thickener in soups and sauces.

Mechanical or electrical device to glaze and also to made “au gratin” dishes

A smooth onion pulp served with various meat entrees

A rich white sauce made from appropriate stock and cream. Also a name given to certain soups

A round or oval case made of puff pastry filled with a rich ragout of cooked meat, game, chicken, sweetbread, lobster, crab and sometimes fruits and cream. Literally means gone with the wind.

The yellow glossy film of the rind of an orange or lemon (citrus fruit)

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All You Want To Know : Kitchen Glossary