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Cup a Cake Container

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I've seen some odd gadgets in my day but this one takes the cake...

:) Nikko

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Cup a cake - 5$ gadget
I've seen some odd gadgets in my day but this one takes the cake. This cup a cake gadget can keep your cup cakes safe. Its basically an enclosure to keep your cupcakes safe. The creator of this gadget must have been a big fan of cupcakes.

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Hey, Nikko another great product is the Kitchenaide Food Processor. It has an inner mini bowl and chops soooo much better than the mini Cuisinart, and on top of that the Kitchnaid Food processor is like a huge improvement over the Cuisinart in all ways. I'll be dang and it's made in France by Robot Coupe the original Cuisart folks back before Karl Sondheim and his divorced. She got Robot Coupe, and Karl got Cuisinart which is now made in China. We've had first the Robot Coupe until a friend talked me out of it when we got a Cuisinart-have had 3 or 4 of them. Never again-the Kitchenaid is far superior in all ways.
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It's rare that I use my full sized one. About once a week or so I like eat raw and it helps with that but I also have a commercial waring blender that does an excellent job of making shakes/soups etc... I thought this one would help to do small quick jobs. I've looked at the KitchenAid ones before and they look nice and well built - maybe when my big one meets its end I'll get one... I didn't know they were made by Robot Coupe...
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Really what will they think of next
Cup A Cake Container Video, Cup A Cake - 5$ Gadget