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How to Sharpen a Kitchen Knife on a Stone

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Sharpening Knives with a stone

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Need some tips on knife sharpening at home? Chef Vibs shares some easy tips for sharpening a knife at home.
A sharpening stone is best used for sharpening knives. Sharpening stones enhance the longetivity of the knife and helps keep them in good shape.
Here are some easy to follow tips to sharpen your knives at home with a sharpening stone.
• Place the stone on a damp towel to prevent it from slipping while the knife is being sharpened.
• The stone should be moistened with a little oil before sharpening.
• The knife is to be held at a 20 degree angle and pushed across the surface of the stone. The guiding hand is to be used to maintain even pressure on the knife.
• Once the entire length has been sharpened, the knife is flipped and the same process is repeated with the other side till the edge is fine and sharp!

Do you have any more interesting tips or easy to follow rules for sharpening a knife? Share with us!

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knife Sharpening Tips
Wanna sharpen your knife on your own and confused how to do that? Don't worry. This video will give you tips to sharpen your knife perfectly. Don't miss it.

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Thanks for posting Vibs. That looks easy. But where can I get such a stone? Any particular oil for sharpening the knife?
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who are you planning to halaal 
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Yeah baby... I like that.... But no match for my web...
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great sharpening, really that looks easy..... veerpradeep
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I much prefer using a stone for sharpening knives, siccors, etc. It gives a finer and sharper edge to a steel. scissors, knives, razors and tools such as chisels and plane blades. Sharpening stones come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and material compositions. Stones may be flat, for working flat edges, or shaped for more complex edges, such as those associated with some wood carving or woodturning tools. They may be composed of natural quarried material, or from man-made material. Stones are usually available in various grades, which refers to the grit size of the particles in the stone. Generally, the finer the grit, the denser the material, which leads to a finer finish of the surface of the tool. Finer grits cut slower because they remove less material. Grits are often given as a number, which indicates the density of the particles with a higher number denoting higher density and therefore smaller particles. I use two grades in atwo step method. There whetstones made of natural materials and also those made of artificial layers of silicon carbide (carborundum) or of aluminium oxide. I prefer the Japanese stones which are used with water not oil. It is imperative to keep your knives sharp so they cut instead of mashing or sawing through the food. Never cut on a glass or ceramic surface. Cutting on wood or even plastic which is also softer helps keep your edge nice clean and sharp. Cutting on glass will literally ruin the knife's edge! Shanti/Mary-Anne
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