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The Proper Technique to Use Kitchen Knife

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Tip on how to keep your fingers safe while cutting.

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While cutting anything safety is the first thing to ensure. You don’t want to chop your fingers off!!
Chef Vibs offers some useful tips on using the knife.

• Curl the fingertips of your guiding hand slightly (the one holding the item to be cut) on the item after holding it down.
• Keep the thumb at the back and rest the knife blade at the knuckles.
• When the knife moves up and down while cutting, the knuckles of the guiding hand keeps the blade of the knife at a safe distance from the knuckles.

Also Known as: 
How to Use Knife Safely
Safety during work is very important, even if you are working in the kitchen. The video gives you tips to use knife safely when you are cutting or using knife in your kitchen.

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The Proper Technique To Use Kitchen Knife Video, How To Use Knife Safely