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How To Make Watermelon Basket

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Chef carves a watermelon into a basket. It's great for parties and catering.
Cut one side of the melon. Let the middle of the outer covering of that part intact with the rest of the fruit.
Cut the uppermost open part of the entire fruit's skin.
Let the holder intact with the fruit.
Cut and scoop out the pulp of the fruit. Slice the pulp into small pieces.
Put them back into the melon basket.
Scrape out the skin of melon and give shapes of your choice on the outer covering.
Fill with other fruits and nuts.

Also Known as: 
Watermelon Basket
Video shows delightful, and fun filled tips on how to carve watermelon into a basket. One can make this as centerpiece in any party, or in any get-together event. So enjoy the presentation, and get innovative.

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aparna.priya's picture
Hey Chefgiovanni, this is amazing. I wonder how you got the idea of using watermelon's outer skin as a basket. It is lovely, you have carved so beautifully on it that it becomes precious. Keep posting such interesting and lovely videos for us :))
veg.foodie's picture
its great!! may be its a little laborious but it looks marvelous...perfect for family occasions and special parties
foodpsychologist's picture
Food Art greatly enthuses me ! Hats off to the Chef for designing this marvelous watermelon basket ! Please do come up with more food art work. The pleasure of eating lies in innovative ways of presentation.
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