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Can you tell Pate from Dog Food?

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Ever wondered what dog food tastes like..? Well, according to a recent survey, you don’t really have to taste dog food to know. You can taste pate and know…!!


In a study conducted by Robin Goldstein of the American Association of Wine Economists and colleagues, researchers provided 18 volunteers, five food samples to try in a blind taste test. After the results were out there were a handful of 3 people only who could tell the difference between dog food and pate!

The foods given for the test:

The pate given to the volunteers were duck liver mousse, pork liver pate, two imitation pates - pureed liverwurst and Spam and Newman’s Own dog food.

The test statistics:

Eight participants believed the liverwurst was the dog food, and four thought the Spam to be the dog chow. Two people identified the high-end pates, and only one identified the duck liver mousse as dog food.


I have never tried pate, apparently whipped and creamed duck liver or other internal vital organs of dead animals however exotically prepared cannot allure me to try pate… not in this life time. That is to say I’m stuck in a deserted island after surviving a shipwreck and the only thing I floated ashore on was a crate of canned pate… Now that would be irony!

I invite your thoughts on this!

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Can You Tell Pate From Dog Food?