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Funny Gadget : How To Keep Your Husband Apron

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When Jeff got this ‘How To Keep Your Husband Apron’ there was a distant trace of smirk on his face and I was wondering why! Only when I open it did I know the reason behind it. Anyways, love this apron with wacky captions – not that it reminds me the things not to do, but whenever I see the outdated rules like ‘Don’t gossip over the phone’, ‘Don’t boss him around’, ‘Watch your weight’, etc., I can’t help but go on a laughter spree. Jokes apart, this 19" x 24" cloth apron is quite an addition to your kitchen wardrobe. Get this cloth apron here!

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my hubby really love to it and don't like to cook. what should i do?
Funny Gadget : How To Keep Your Husband Apron