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Adorable and Funny Foodie Pets' Videos!

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We cant get enough of our pets. Some are funny, some are bold, some not so bold, some are just plain going bonkers and some are foodies like us!! Check them out!

You call yourself a foodie?? Huh…?! Do you? Well, can you do this?? I dare you! Leave a comment and upload a video on ifood, if you take up the challenge!

All you finicky eaters out there be reminded that there is no eater more finicky than the cat. And if you have been shying away from eating your greens, shame on you- this cat eats broccoli and loves it too!! So go ahead and finish your greens like this little fella.

I’m sure you will give a little gasp of surprise at this one. I don’t think keeping an anteater is legal, let alone serving it apple cranberry juice! But hey, he/she is a treasured pet!

This video is definitely going to raise opinions regarding the best food to choose organic Vs non-organic. But is a hamster and his nose going to be the last echoing statement in this evergreen debate?? Check it out.

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Adorable And Funny Foodie Pets' Videos!