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Seven Deadly Sins Wine Glasses

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7 Deadly Sins Wine Glasses – the design is so so striking that one feel the sin of greed creeping up within at the very first sight (it did in me)! It goes without saying that the brains that worked behind these deadly sins glass designs has the creative juices in high concentrations.

Lust – Tangled in the pleasures of body

Envy – Secret behind the green eyed monster

Sloth – Measured below the limit

Greed – Haven’t had enough (love this one for the funny looking projections)

Gluttony – I want more food! (This is another one that made me laugh, look at the strange bulge on the glass, ha ha)


Pride – The Extreme Vanity

Wrath – The evil sided anger

Wanna get hold of one? This Limited Edition 7 Deadly Sins Wine Glasses is available for sale - price is available on request!


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What about the Marie Antoinette champagne glass? Marie felt that her breast would make a perfect mold for drinking Champagne. There is even an "original mold" preserved at a museum of France, which is the basis of all coupe glasses. :-) Shanti/Mary-Anne
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yeah from Marie to helen of troy there is an endless list...
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Tell me, how do they manage to drink in those!!...looks too cumbersome to me!!!
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yeah thats a puzzle... check the sloth wine glass - reminds me of pipettes and burettes in chem-lab ;)
Seven Deadly Sins Wine Glasses