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Eying better business this recession

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The world is recession crippled and people are devising their own ways to trick or treat the recession. Anyhow, the good news is there is still enough resource to manage and enjoy, just waiting to get grabbed. Yes, the reference here is made to such business areas that are doing their all-time best!  

COSMETICS - during the recession when our bank balance doesn’t make us feel better, our looks will always do. No wonder cosmetics industry is on the roll.



HERBAL MEDICS - During the recession time when the stress and uncertainty is all time high, the herbal medics seems a certain stress buster. The $ 21 billion herbal business is going strengths to strengths.



LOTTERY -   My company may take my job but they can’t strip me off my luck. This is exactly what many optimists like me are saying, while trying their luck in lottery. Guess who got lucky in the process, the lottery business itself. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    EXOTIC HOLIDAYS - This holiday season Africa is in. The golden beaches, the safaris and the old wine made Africa the hotspot. Thanks to the conversion rate of 10 South African rands to one US dollar, cheer to the beer at just 4 rands, ie. 40 cents. Bon voyage! 

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Eying Better Business This Recession