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Have money? Eat for free!

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There’s always a problem for change (loose currency) (or ‘chhutta’ or ‘khulla’ or ‘khudra’ or 'chillar' in Hindi). I’ve faced it while buying tickets in buses, at local train stations, at shops, with the home delivery guy-everyone seems short of ‘change’.

Well, a vada-pav vendor in Mumbai seems to have found a way to take care of his little problem. He’s offering a free vada-pav to anyone who’ll give him ‘chhutaa’ for 100 Rs! (You could call vada-pav, the Indian Burger. It comes for 5 Rs.)


My wife and I use a small box to collect coins. It’s almost full…guess, time for us to go and avail a free snack!

This board outside a stall reads "Any person who comes with change worth 100 Rs. will get a vada-pav free".

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Have Money? Eat For Free!