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Lettuce Ladies

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Playboy playmates wearing strategically-placed lettuce leaves at House of Representatives' Rayburn building. These Lettuce ladies were on the hill to counter National Hot Dog day on request by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). They handed out free veggie dogs.

Go Veggie!

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BE VEGAN : BE SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!
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They are eating hotdogs lol NOT VEG i AM SURE.
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Actually they are eating veggie hot dogs which they also distributed.
butterbites's picture
What are veggie hot dogs? Never heard of that.
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awesome... keep posting such blogs.. ;)
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They are often made of soy protein and contain less fat, no meat products are used.
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thanks shantihhh
chintan's picture
this completely changes my perspective on lettuce ;)
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now this is one of the best posts I hav seen till date on iFOOD. :) Go Vegeterian!!! Achcha hai......
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Incredibly alluring. However even if one was to consume all the lettuce on their bodies it wouldn't be a Fiveadayz!
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Its Fusion advertiseing of HOT DOGs ???????????????tpp good ... Chef Vibs Group Leader & Star Chef
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Very Nice ......... what dressing should we use ? The Tortilla Guy
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Let US entertain U VBG
Lettuce Ladies