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Who are you?- Ask the Egg on Your Plate!

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EggEggs are considered to be one of the most nutritious, protein-filled foods for breakfast. But did you know that eggs could speak too? No, they do not actually talk to you but eggs can certainly reveal a lot about your personality.









Eggs Speak for You

"How do you want your eggs?" -Is an often repeated phrase particularly when you are dining out. Most people enjoy their eggs a particular way, sometimes even ordering them to be cooked a certain way without second thought. You may have never thought that the way you prefer to enjoy your eggs can reveal a lot about your personality, but think again!


​Boiled Egg

A hard-boiled egg that is perfectly oval in shape might adorn your plate every morning. This shows that you are your own boss and not overtly concerned about what others think. Being fond of the soft boiled variety will not be the same though. The soft shell and the runny insides do convey a love for arts and crafts. 


​Poached Eggs

Lovely twin eggs sit on your plate, poached beautifully! A stickler for perfection is what describes you best. You might be ready to meet the Queen but are you really ready to accept a life that can be unpredictable and totally imperfect at the best of times?


​Scrambled Eggs

A hodgepodge is what sums up this dish. You like to make use of eggs but add whatever you feel like to this jumbled mess-whether its random ingredients you find in your fridge or all of your favorite veggies! This dish exemplifies your creativity and love for spontaneity!


​Fried Egg

A hard egg on your plate that reminds you of how tough life can be? Fret not, have a little more confidence in yourself and you will soon find yourself liking the sunny side up version.


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Who Are You?- Ask The Egg On Your Plate!