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Food Graphs For The Teens & Tweens

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Food GraphA graphical representation of statistics is an ideal way to make comparisons. Food graphs are no exception as they can give you just any amount of information about the nutritional value of a particular ingredient or the varieties of gluten free options  you can have, right down to the quantities of aphrodisiac foods you need to eat in order to boost up your sex life. All said and done do the youngsters of today i.e the teens and tweens really care about such nitty-gritty? Apparently not, they would rather discuss the pros and cons of hot dogs and pizzas. Here are some of the unique food graphs that we think would be useful for the hip and happening crowd.


Exciting Food Graphs 

1. Health and Expense

Yes, all good things do come with a hefty price tag. A look at this chart will convince you that if you have the moolah you can actually live indefinitely. But broke! Bad luck man, you will just have to live on hand outs that might kill you before hunger gets you.

Health and expense



2. Buying Groceries & Excitement Levels

Top of the world on Day one when you get to lug in the enormous packets of groceries and literally overflow your refrigerator. Day Two sees you in a philosophical mood and you think all right’s with the world. Come Day 3 and you suddenly realize “all my food’s gone.”




3. Ingredients In Cheese 

Do you really need to know? Well, if you are concerned about health just note that it is the unknown factor that spreads far and wide. After all ignorance is bliss as long as the cheese is melty and tastes yummy.




4. Food Spills On Expensive Clothes- The Probability Factor.

Dolled yourself up for a party by wearing a realy expensive shirt? Well, chances are that you will find the gravy on your plate yearning for it too. And yes, beware of  handling food when you are wearing a clean, white shirt. Formal whites are known to be mighty hungry creatures.

Food spill



5. Education & Food Network 

There’s no teacher like the television and Food Network is a giant among them when it comes to all sort of food related knowledge. Sit yourself down in front of the channel and get lost in the world of cooking, recipes and celeb chefs. Just take a look at the graph below and find out for yourself how true this graph is.

Food network Knowledge



6. World Requirement

What does the world need? Basic stuff like rice, wheat, barley or meat, veggies and fruits? You are going to be far from the truth if you think along those lines. For a youngster like you it is going to be Nutella and bacon all the way. Get yourself an inexhaustible supply and why do you need other stuff anyway?

Nutella and Bacon



7. Banana Ripening Time

This one needs a bit of expert knowledge. You cannot afford not to buy it as it comes in handy with your cereal, sandwich and ice-creams. A standalone banana will do when you find your room bare of nourishing stuff too. But how do you know its perfect. Take a look at the graph and do your own calculation.

Banana Ripening time



8. Chicken Like

Nothing can beat crocodiles when it comes to meat that is similar to chicken. Rats, snakes, crickets also come close but KFC? Nah! Is it chicken? Are you sure?

Chicken Like



9. I’m a Vegetarian 

If you happen to be one or have decided to eat only plants, then be ready for weird reactions. You might also find that the entire world agrees with you and you are subjected to long confessions of how your friends turned vegetarians themselves for a few months only to revert to their meat eating ways. But the reaction that takes the cake and adds to your woes is being told that meat is simply amazing in taste. Do check out the graph if you don’t believe me and admit that its true.




10. Food Groups

Think nutritious and eat nutritious! Is this your motto? Well, most high school and college going kids tend to agree about a balanced diet. It is indeed essential to incorporate all sorts of food groups into your daily meal thereby giving your body a chance to grow healthy & strong. And the groups are…

Food Groups



Food graphs need not only mean dreary and dull statistics. You can put it to use by providing your own inputs. After all, you will only be young once so why fritter away the precious time in counting your proteins, fats and carbs. Take a deep breath and create a graph that suits you. You are likely to understand the importance of graphs once you let out your creativity. Good Luck!


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Food Graphs For The Teens & Tweens