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Wine Chat TV: Facial Cocktails

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For this month's Wine Chat TV, we asked our "Green Beauty Queen" Christine Trice to sit down with Wine Sisterhood Personal Sommelier Erin Sullivan and share with us some of her favorite facial treatments made with ingredients you might find in your pantry or garden. And, yes, she's incorporated our wines into her recipes.They're good enough to eat! Why not take a moment when the kids are in bed, whip up your favorite treatment, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!

Personal Sommelier Erin Sullivan has "Green Beauty Queen" Christine Trice on the show to get us some great facial cocktail recipes which are delicious to eat as well. Christine uses some wine and ingredients that can be found in the kitchen and can be turned into scrubs and masks for a glowing refreshing skin. Don't miss out on the storing tips or someone would have gulped up your facial cocktail before you realize.

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Wine Chat TV: Facial Cocktails Video