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Speechsnacks Langauge Sundae

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July is here and that means it’s National Ice Cream Month!! Did you know that Ronal Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month back in 1984??? (the Gipper sure loved his sweets….he was also a big fan of jelly beans!!) To kick off this hot month with something cool and delicious, SpeechSnacks has a video you and your kiddos are going to love. Check out how we took ice cream sundaes and turned them into language lessons! It’s a win/win for everyone…the kids get an ice cream party and the parents get to spend a “teachable moment” addressing important language concepts--- without the kids even realizing that they are learning while having a yummy treat! And watch closely for the healthy alternative I share—it’s not ice cream, but it sure looks and tastes like the real deal!! Enjoy this fun lesson and recipe all rolled (or scooped) up into one!!! Speak Well and Eat Well, Speechsnacks!!

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Speechsnacks Langauge Sundae Video