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Best Citrus Quotes

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Quotes on citrus fruitsJuicy and healthy citrus fruits are often quoted as a point of reference by food experts, chefs and other food enthusiasts. Just like all other food quotes the ones based on citrus fruits, are usually on situations and inspired from real life situations. Though many of them are humorous, there are a few which have an intended pun and try to spread  knowledge. Keep reading to know more of these quotes.


More Citrus quotes:


  •  “The colors on citrus-crate labels] went beyond nature and spoke directly to fantasy: apricot, purple, cobalt blue, sea green, cinnamon, cinnabar, mauve, yellow, orange.”


  • “Cause '68 Citrus ain't gonna pay the rent, so I'll be out here til they call the cops”


  • “There is a world of difference between Hernando and Citrus (jails).”

Citrus fruits - used in quotes

  •  “I had a call this winter from someone who had a citrus tree and wanted me to try to diagnose it over the phone.”


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Best Citrus Quotes