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100th Day of School – Your Child’s Remarkable Milestone

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Enjoy The 100th Day of SchoolGoing to school is always a pleasure for children. Right from the day one to the day they pass out, each and every day is a new journey with new goals to be accomplished.


Every parent remembers the first day of his/ her child’s school and as the time moves on we start counting months and years. The 100th day of school is one such remarkable milestone which is worth noting. The day specially brings joy for kindergarten children who celebrate it in a special way with number 100, with their parents and teachers.


The celebration on this day not only imparts a feeling of being together, growing up, being responsible and confident but also brings the students close to the century number (100).


This 100th day of schools is usually marked with fun filled activities based on number 100. The kids make craft stuff depicting 100 on it or collect/bring stuff from their homes which are 100 in quantity. The kids are also engaged in social activities which revolve around the number itself.


Food also plays an important role in celebration of 100th day at school. The kids enjoy this day by having a 100th day breakfast, which is nothing but the food stuff, depicting as number 100. They also have fun by collecting foods up to 100 and then denoting it. Breads, candy, marshmallows and burgers are usually some of the common foods collected for donation.


Besides, fun activities like making 100 piece necklaces of fruit loops, 100 piece collections of grapes, making fruit salads with 100 pieces of fruits like grapes, oranges, cherries and strawberries also take place in schools.


A remarkable event which is initiated in many schools is to host a food drive. Weber Student Council is one such school which encourages students to bring 100 items by this noteworthy 100 th day of school. The collected food then goes to the food centers which work for poor and needy.


100th Day of school is definitely an important day in child’s life as besides fun and enjoyment, it also conveys that your child is 100 days smarter now.


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100th Day Of School – Your Child’s Remarkable Milestone