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Comfort food!!

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It is not just a kid turning to the familiar bottle or the crackers he has been eating since 6 months of age.... comfort food is a respite for grownups too. Stressed out situations calls for familiarity so you can relax and be yourself. What better way than food?

For most of the people it is high sugar stuff. For me? I love chocolate and lots of it. They are my comfort food. Not the expensive ones, milky way or snickers do the trick.                                      

I am not asking you to turn to high fat food to reduce the stress in your life. This is just for those big moments when you just came home and want to ease out.

For my 6 year old it is Mac and Cheese. When ever I am in a dilemma for dinner options she comes up with Mac and Cheese and I have to admit, it does sound soothing. Every family has its own special recipe they can't live without. It is understandable, life can be distressing even when you are 5 or 8, lots of homework, peer pressure or the bully like parents.You need food for your soul.          

Of course thanks to Kraft the kids can make some for them selves too. If they are allowed to touch hot stuff.

I have heard some people saying fried chicken is their comfort food and some have even said bologna sandwich. Some some it is an icecream sundae but for others it is a pint of icecream in any flavor available.

So, what is your comfort food??

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Comfort Food!!