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tell us about YOUR childhood & favorite snack food!! :)

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it's around 4:30 a.m. in NYC, and i am dying for something to eat! lol

this reminds me of the fabulous night markets in taiwan - known for delicious snack food & street shopping!! :) oh boy, do i miss my home-home & all the lovely things/food from my childhood.

please feel free to post here, tell me (& other ifood members) where you grew up & what was your favorite childhood dish (and please don't tell me candy!! lol), and why you liked it so damn much. :)

good morning my lovely ifood members, may this post birng you sweet & carefree memories. :)

now, get your ass to work, post something good for all of us. :) thank you so much!!!

* this is my personal favorite childhood photo of myself - it really shows how much i LOVE food & what a SWEET baby girl i was.


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Tell Us About YOUR Childhood & Favorite Snack Food!! :)