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How much do you know??

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O.K. Fellas!! Lets see how much you know about food. Don't you dare scroll down for answers because they are not there.

1. What was margarine called when it was first marketed in England?

2.What animals milk is used to make authentic Italian mozzarella cheese?

3.What nation produces two thirds of the world's vanilla?

4.What is the literal meaning of the Italian word linguine?

5.Which year did Mcdonald's open its first drive thru?

6.How much does a gallon of milk weigh?

 Good luck people...











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Come on everybody.... use your noodles. I have no answers so far....
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1.Butterine2The water buffalo's3.Madagascar4.Linguini comes from the Latin word lingua which means tongue5.In 1975 McDonald's opened its first drive-thru window in Oklahoma City6.It weighs a gallon!!! well that apart - The average U.S. cow produces 53 lb of milk per day, or 6.2 gallons, so one gallon would be 53/6.2 = 8.5 lbs/gallon. That is just an average, because the weight of a gallon of milk that you buy at the grocery store would depend on whether it is skim milk, 1% milkfat, 2%, or whole milk. I guess you have got your answers..please Let me know how many of them are right..
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You were right for about all except LinguiniIt is an Italian word meaning little tongue.A gallon weighs 8.95 lbs.
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On your question post 4.What is the literal meaning of the Italian word I think a word is missing or hiding
How Much Do You Know??