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Best Romantic Food Moments In Movies

Best Romantic Food Moments In Movies! There are so many. Or at least, there are many such romantic food moments for me. I am not going to go ga-ga about Ratatouille or Chocolat because we all know about those movies. We have enough and more people writing about those food movies and romanticizing them too much. The movies are fly though, but enough is enough. Have you seen the movie The Ramen Girl or know what exactly Queen Latifah bakes at 3am in Just Wright? I bet that you have not seen them, or just plain haven't noticed. If you analyze these best romantic food moments; the foods that appear in those 'situations' are oftentimes surprisingly simple, and yet become the feast of love. Many tend to think that food in movies should always be romantically inclined. I beg to differ. In quite a few movies, I found that the best romantic food moments were just the upliftment of the troubled soul.


And talking about the upliftment of the soul, The Ramen Girl is one movie that really does the job. No overly romantic scenes, but all the ramen in the movie ,stirs something inside your soul. The movie has two scenes were the ramen dishes induce uncontrollable laughter and tears. I have cried when I'm hungry, but not while eating. If a bowl of ramen could move me to tears, then I want that.


Eat Drink Man Woman is one of the other romantic food movies that came out in 1997. What I love about the movie is how food defines a person. It also shows how food can bring people together or how it can keep people away. The movie features some soulful Asian food, so don't watch with an empty stomach. And based on this movie, there were two more movies made; Soul Food and Tortilla Soup. I'm yet to see those food movies, but I sure there might be some of the best romantic food moments packed in there.


Just Wright is a movie that has become very close to my heart, and I would have seen it over 30 times. It is actually a basketball movie per se. But through out the movie, you can see food. What I have understood about the movie is that; true love is coco puff selling on the streets, and not some fancy crème brulee in an A-list restaurant. True love is like the wacky chocolate chip cookie marshmallow sandwiches that comfort you when you feel low. There is a sense of comforting familiarity about all the food featured in this movie.


Julie and Julia would another movie that I have to mention. Meryl Streep has done justice to Julia Child's character. The movie is all about the real love for food and how food affects the lives of both the women in movie.


These are my best romantic food movies so far. I have a few more favorites but I will blog about later. You can tell me about your best romantic food movies and we can discuss. But right now, I am hungry right now and I gotta go.


PS: Watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. One yummy movie.


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Best Romantic Food Moments In Movies