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Food Art at Aahar 2007

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Life is taking its shape.
Life is changing its shape constantly.
Live every moment with fullness of life.
Live like a flower and inspire other to bloom...

This was the message from this stall. The artistic display was amazing. Enjoy...

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Shineroad Stall, Aahar 2007 Review
The video shows us an excerpt from the International Food Fare, Aahar 2007 that was held on 8th - 12th March, 2007. In the video, we will review about one of the most famous stalls of the show, the Shineroad Stall. The stall was rushed with lots of spectators where they got the chance to see the creativities of the chefs.

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Fun to watch such artistry, thank you for sharing this clip
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Lots of talent out there
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Yes, He was great artist. He was able to create this kind of artistries in few minutes.
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truly amazing... great video....
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Thanks for feedback, I have more video clips from this event I would upload these in coming days. I persionaly love these vedio but little feedback discouraging. Thanks again!
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Please do! Videos like this are great to see...
Food Art At Aahar 2007 Video, Shineroad Stall, Aahar 2007 Review