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Highlights of the Aahar 2007 Show

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Aahar 2007,
The International Food Fair, 22nd International Exhibition for Food Processing, Hotel and Restaurant equipments and supplies.

We meet and separate; Creations come into existence and destroy with time, Memories pervades on Mind but wane with time. Our humble endeavor to keep alive all these moments by the help of volunteers is taking shape in the form of series of video of this Food Fair.

Please comment here to share further information about the event and your personal experinces at Aahar2007. Let us share the joy and flavor with the entire global community of food lovers.

I want to extend our special thanks to Mr. Pradeep Gopalan, (Director, Hospitality First) and Mr. Chetan Salvi, (Business Head – West, Hospitality First) for their support and help. Hospitality First has organized the wonderful event “Culinary Art 2007” which has provided a unique platform to demonstrate the culinary art. We are extending this further and providing a global platform to all these endeavor.

At last special thanks to all volunteers, Mr. Ganesh Dutta, Mr. Pradeep Veer, Mr.Sumit, Mr Sudhir and entire Ifood team who worked hard to bring this event to this platform.

This first video is over-view presentation of some events of Aahar 2007. Look for many more to be posted under Aahar2007 series name.

Also Known as: 
Aahar 2007 - Introductory Video
Aahar is looked up as an international food fair, where all kinds of Indian delicacies are showcased. Take some virtual bite into this food fair, and thrill your gastronome senses.

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Highlights Of The Aahar 2007 Show Video, Aahar 2007 - Introductory Video