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Does Loud Music Make Food Taste Bad

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A recent research showed that loud music often makes food taste bad. No wonder the same pizza tastes different when you eat at home and at the restaurant. 

Link Between Taste & Sound


An article in Food Quality and Preference journal cited a study, which showed a link on how human brain’s perception of flavor reacts when it comes in contact with noise at carnivals, restaurants, bars and pubs etc. The study says the noise around you can change the way you receive the food’s taste.



Study Reveals Astonishing Facts


For the study, some 48 college-students were called and given Pringles and Cookies and headphones. They were asked to put on their headphones and simultaneously eat cookies as well as pringles. Students were made to listen to different type of noises, including loud white noise, soft white noise and silence and asked to rate the taste of cookies. The researchers were astonished with the results as students, who heard loud noise did not find chips salty and cookies sweet.

This study confirms that sound has the ability to interfere with the brain’s processing be it for smell or for taste. This could be one reason why airline food normally tastes bad. When we hear loud white noise, our ability to taste food disappears.


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Does Loud Music Make Food Taste Bad