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Who is the most popular iFoodie?

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Chef Vikas khannaHyde Ray has bragged about being popular and Cookingmyway is ranked number1. I wanted to show another method based on popular toolbar from

First of all 2 disclaimer.

1. Alexa only ranks page like but not the alias links like , so the rankings are understated 3-5 times.

2. People who have installed alexa toolbar have better ranking just by browsing their profile themselves.

Nevertheless it is a good proxy for ranking and here it is

Vikash Kumar 1,270,779

Veerpradeep 1,338,297

Startcooking 1,427,874

Lauren Groveman 1,502,958

Vikash khanna 1,535,847

Ganesh Dutta 1,589,938

Melissa 1,668,770

CookingMyWay- 1,690,157

ChefVibs- 1,761,327

Average Betty - 1,812,395

Shakti 2,100,721

Shantihhh - 2,272,073

Hyde Ray - 2,381,789

The Tortialla Guy 2,492,041

Dani Spies 4,728,860


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Who Is The Most Popular IFoodie?