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Who is the most popular iFoodie?

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Chef Vikas khannaHyde Ray has bragged about being popular and Cookingmyway is ranked number1. I wanted to show another method based on popular toolbar from

First of all 2 disclaimer.

1. Alexa only ranks page like but not the alias links like , so the rankings are understated 3-5 times.

2. People who have installed alexa toolbar have better ranking just by browsing their profile themselves.

Nevertheless it is a good proxy for ranking and here it is

Vikash Kumar 1,270,779

Veerpradeep 1,338,297

Startcooking 1,427,874

Lauren Groveman 1,502,958

Vikash khanna 1,535,847

Ganesh Dutta 1,589,938

Melissa 1,668,770

CookingMyWay- 1,690,157

ChefVibs- 1,761,327

Average Betty - 1,812,395

Shakti 2,100,721

Shantihhh - 2,272,073

Hyde Ray - 2,381,789

The Tortialla Guy 2,492,041

Dani Spies 4,728,860


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I received a bunch of private messages about how to become popular. So, I am writting in public interest. You can basically do two things. 1. Get Popular amongst folks. Hyde ray has written a good blog about it 2. Get popular on web. I can write a book on it, but here are the basics. a) Get links which gives referral traffic and improves Google ranking. The easiest way to do is to simple join some sort of food blogroll. b) Have your friends and family watch your content and forward the link.
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I was surprised to see me ranked so high, but I do try and share information, write quality blogs, share recipes, and videos. Kewl to see that just since I joined in July I ranked so high! Love this site. iFood.TV rocks!!! Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Shantihhh I agree, you got the BEST quality videos, blogs and information anyone has posted on this site and i use it as a reference when I need tips in the kitchen, of course the BEST has to be a ARE DA BOMB!!!
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Thanks Ginny! As soon as we buy a new video cam I am going to do a series on Thai cooking-beginning with ingredients and right on from basics that are healthy and quick like Basil chicken (Gai Krapao) to some more involved Thai dishes like Hor Mok Talay (Seafood Curry in banana leaf cups). Also some Laos/Issan recipes, and some Vietnamese for sure. I'll get Steve to do some sauces an his amazing crab cakes, and his Boeuf Wellington en pâte brisée. He makes the pâte brisée in the Cuisinart/food processor as he learned from James Beard. Quick, flawless, and amazing. Maybe I'll also do a sausage making video or two with my friend Len Poli the Sausage Guru. I'd also like to do some videos on our favourite family meals like Cassoulet including smoking the canard conft, Paella with local fresh seafood, and Serbian Cevapcici and Gulas with my son-in-law, Sead/Seyo who is from the former Yugoslavia. That guy is amazing cook. Maybe I could get his mom to show us her Sarma. She was a top chef in Croatia before the war, then in Kosovo for 6 years prior to coming to the US 7 years ago. The recipes of this area are amazing. Oh and the cakes that their friend from Bosnia makes are the best I have ever eaten. When we go to Montengro again this next May I plan to take videos of locals curing meats, cooking and making breads. I am on a quest to learn how to make Lapinja (also called Somen I think, or Bosnian bread.) This lapinja is a flat, chewy amazing bread. Ginny, see what happens when I get to talking about food-cultures and cuisines? I need a cam. My still camera is excellent a Nikon D80 but that doesn't help with videos. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Shantihhh is my favorite on this most popular list because it looks like she really puts a whole lot of effort, thought and passion into everything she posts. Shantihhh's knowledge of food & cultures is brilliant and I have a lot of respect for her contribution to this site. I totally agree with Ginny -- Shantihhh IS DA BOMB! Keep up the great work! Chaz
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hey i was out travelling now Vikash will be outa top soon.
Who Is The Most Popular IFoodie?