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What Happened After Participating in Eating Green Chillies Competition

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Chili King Competition Review
Chili King Competition, held by has got many competitors who were ready to burn their taste buds by eating as many chilies as they can. Along with the chilies, they were given bananas also to suppress the burning sensations. Watch out the video where you will get to know all about the competition and the winning prize for the same.

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How many people participated in this competition? :) Nikko
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Ingenious and absolutely original........eye catching......and nerve wrecking.....i mean its amazing can a girl eat 22 green chilies?!?!?!?!?!? Hats off to women POWER!!!!
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really unbelievable! But the evidence is live and on record! I strongly feel that at least in this contest the winner should have been a girl.
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Red Chillies was an instant hit......the campus was could sense an enthusiasm among participants and it lived up to its expectation as Vikas Dhaiya, a tall handsome young boy chewed astonishingly 35 GREEN CHILLIES!!!! That must have fired up his belly.......anyways it was breath taking to watch people chew those sinister chillies....
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35 chillies and two bannana in a minute!!! chewed... HOW, o my god. what a speed... please let me know in the who is that tall handsome guys.
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It feels great to be among one of the proud participants of the 'Red Chillies' event. Though i managed to eat just 18 chillies but i guess i fared quite well considering that it was the first time i tested my affinity for Chillies. It truly was as experience to remember and i feel happy that i was lucky enough not to suffer the next morning as was the case with many of participants like 'Sahil Bhai' :-)
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Great yaar! Smart enough! who is this Sahil bhai can u please point out what is the name of contestants and how many chillies did they took. It would be interesting to know what was the post-chillies episode particularly in morning. First hand comments from the contestants will be interesting. By the way I m eager to see the Mirchi King, n a message to all that why this contest was named mirchi king not mirchi queen, seems gender biased. did u know d winner would be a male of female.
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I was the winner of the contest until Vikas Dhaiya gobbled up 35 chillies. I thought it would be very tough to surpass me, I ate 28 chillies but I was humbled by him. Anyways it was lot of fun and my stomach had to pay dearly for what I ate on 27th September. It was a damn painful morning. All in all, it was exciting. Honestly, I surprised myself a bit.......lollzzzzz
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hi all...... it was an awesome experience to cherish with. Usually I love spicy food, but its a totally different story eating "fire spewing" chillies, that too with bananas. I was very confident of coming up with a good show, but after 10 chillies, I had to give up. My eyes red, flooded with mouth on fire and poor stomach caught in a deadly tempest.......It was fun though.
What Happened After Participating In Eating Green Chillies Competition Video, Chili King Competition Review