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Eating Green Chilli Competition - Part 1

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Unique eating competition:
So you think you can handle heat, you can handle spice... then here is a challenge that even you might balk at.... “Eat chillies in one minute” is a unique contest that was held at Indraprastha University, Delhi. There was fun and entertainment all around the university campus and fest witnessed a unique and amazing trait in young collegiate, and brings those video exclusively.

Rules decided by Coordinators of the event:
1. Two bananas must be eaten in one minute along with chilli. (Failing to eat banana will disqualify one from competition)
2. In chillies one by one during a minute.
3. Highest chillies eater will be the winner ( Mirchi Samrat) and awarded with cash and gift.

See these never seen events in the series of “Mirchi Samrat” and guess who will be the winner. This is the first video of the series "Mirchi Samrat"

Also Known as: 
Chilli King Aka Mirchi Samrat Competition - 1

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Eating Green Chilli Competition - Part 1 Video, Chilli King Aka Mirchi Samrat Competition - 1