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Todays Food Question - Satriales From Sopranos

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Satriales pork store

In the series The Soprano's what type of hang out was Satriales ?

a) Pasta Shop

b) Deli

c) Chop Shop

d) Itailian Gelateria


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I can't believ no answers The Tortilla Guy
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A Pork Store The Tortilla Guy
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It was a butcher shop...
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Satriales I'll start out with a little history of Satriales Pork Store, where The Sopranos often film. The main building was built in 1875, being a small storefront with an apartment over it. In the 1930's it housed a radio repair shop. 1952 West Hudson Auto Parts came in. In 1963, a new storefront was added to the building. The original owner sold the business to one of his employees during the 70's. It closed in 1997. In 1998, the owner of the building applied for a variance to convert the building into office space. HBO rented the building to use as the set of the Sopranos. The first episode of The Sopranos was filmed in Elizabeth at a pork store called Centanni's. This was a busy place and couldn't keep closing down every time the Sopranos wanted to film. The location scouts went out and found this vacant building in Kearny, New Jersey. They set to work creating what we now know as Satriales. The neighbor's were pretty excited about getting a neighborhood pork store, but were kinda disappointed when they found out that it was going to be a set for a television series. Cathy Cam, who lives in the immediate area, had a knock at her door one day. It was the location scout for the Sopranos. They wanted to use her house for a set. Never hearing of a show called "The Sopranos", she turned down the offer. Guess who's pissed now. The building has no air conditioning, so when they film in warm weather they must bring in portable air conditioning units. A few things make this building attractive for movie production, its large parking area on the north side of the building, also on the north side of the building there are large overhead doors which facilitate moving the equipment around. Interior wise, the staircase leading to the second floor is at least 6 feet wide, helpful for moving equipment. People don't realize that even though the interior shots show a meat store set, the first floor is actually split into 2 sets, having an espresso and pastry bar. The pastries look delicious, but anything that stays looking that good for so long is sure to break my teeth. The Tortilla Guy
Todays Food Question - Satriales From Sopranos