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crackersWhy was the Animal Crackers box designed with a string handle?


I will give answer later today and compare to responses

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The string was so they boxes could be hung on Christmas trees as decorations. Warmly, Lizzie Marie Cuisine feeding body & soul
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In 1902 the now-familiar box was designed for the Christmas season with the innovative idea of attaching a string to hang from the Christmas tree. These five-cent cartons were a big hit and are still so today. (Up until that time crackers were sold in bulk or in large tins) With each generation, there have been some changes in the number and variety of animals caged in that colorful little box. In total, there have been 54 different animals represented by animal crackers since 1902. There will probably always be lions and tigers, bears and elephants. But the dog and jaguar have fallen to the hyena and gorilla. Today each package contains 22 crackers with a variety of animals. The Koala is the newest addition, voted on by consumers, beating out the penguin, walrus and cobra. The Koala bear joined the 18 other animals in September 2002. What about People Crackers?
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Hmmm, looks like ifoodies here are really sharp - tortilla guy, you need to post something harder :-) Bon Appetite!
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That they are !! CookingmyWay has already answered todays question The Tortilla Guy
Fun Food Trivia Questions And Answers