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Donut Pics

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Had the opportunity to shoot the start to finish donut making process at the AMERICAN DONUT SHOPPE ( in Mumbai. Here are some pics. You can also watch the video at

Dough being cut into ring shape

Donuts in the frier

Under the glaze fountain (top view)

Under the glaze fountain (front view)

On the cooling tray

On the cooling tray

Cinnamon flavoured donut

Chocolate donut

Assorted toppings


IFOOD FEATURED sticker inside the shop

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admin's picture
Great Blog. Yes I like your donut video.
CookingMyWay's picture
Excellent photos! What kind of camera do you use?
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks Nikko. I don't use anything special. I shoot my videos with my PANASONIC NV-GS300 camcorder. I use it for the stills, too. Its got only 3.1 mega pixel still picture resolution, but it pretty much solves the purpose. With some snaps, I do some colour/orientation correction using the Picassa software (quite cool). Waiting to buy a digital cam that offers 8 to 10 mega pixel resolution...
CookingMyWay's picture
For only being 3.1MP it sure does take some crisp photos! The editing you do helps a lot too I'm sure...
kapil.trehan's picture
Lovely pictures. Very tempting!
shantihhh's picture
Yes it is a great blog/video. Too bad we are exporting these American things to you I'll have a vada any day or better yet dosa for breakfast, or my fav is sambhar and idli-that is perfect.
vikas.kumar's picture
Not that bad, really. My friends and I love donuts. A cinnamon flavoured donut was what we often had during breaks while shooting. Of course, dosa/vada/idli sambhar could be the perfect mini-meal at any time of the day.
shantihhh's picture
It is just that Americans eat so many deep-fried donuts like Dunkin Donts that it can be a health issue. Of course the donuts in this video have been made healthier! Wonder if they use healthier jaggery instead of processed cane or beet sugar. Besides jaggery is not so cloyingly sweet.
Donut Pics