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Chocolate skulls!

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There is perhaps no better picture that reminds us so eerily of the recipe ‘death by chocolate’… I stumbled upon them (sadly) after Halloween had passed away this year. But hey, a chocolate skull is a chocolate skull and what makes this one so special is that it has been molded from a real human skull!

Erm… lost that craving suddenly, did you?! I also did for while, as it takes you a moment to get over that particular creepy bit of fact.

But once I shut out images that I was getting just by thinking about the wild manufacturing process, it struck me that these solid chocolate skulls are an excellent example of both confectionary making and art at its creative best.

Wanna order it. Here are the details -

These chocolate skulls which are cast from real human skulls come in a choice of chocolates, including Fair Trade 80% cocoa along with rich Mexican and Cuban chocolates too. There is also the bone chocolate which is blended Belgian milk and white chocolates, resembling the color of freshly cleaned human bones…. creepy!The skull in the picture is a 2.5 kilo creation. Now, if only it were Halloween! I can think of a number of wacky ways to share this delicious creation with friends, but not without creeping them out first! What do you think… is this the wackiest chocolate creation you have seen or have you encountered an even more disturbingly delicious piece of art?

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Chocolate Skulls!