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'train' delivery-food delivered to your seat!

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Most cities, big and small, have home delivery. Mumbai’s right at the top where I’ve had from a window A.C. to a cup of tea delivered home.

Last month we were travelling from Mumbai to Patna by train when I came across this ad pasted near the sink. This ‘pure veg’ restaurant delivers food right to your seat. All you have to do is - call them a few minutes before the train arrives at Itarasi station. I noticed the ad pretty late (after we’d crossed Itarasi), else I would’ve definitely tried the service. As it is, most of the food that’s served in our trains is pretty sad. Even the coach attendant felt the same!

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Yeah ! I agree with you. This train delivery of food was introduced by the railway ministry sometime ago. Sure it saves you the trouble of eating inferior grade pantry car food, or running behind foodstalls on stations. But even I haven't tasted this train delivery food to see how it fares against the pantry stuff.
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i doubt the railway ministry has anything to do with it. i think its just a 'dhabha' owner trying to capitalize on the not so good quality of food in the pantry!
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this is pretty awesome ! very neat idea and quite viral. will spread through word of mouth. Great observation. next time let us know how the food is And good to see your blog after quite some time!
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Just checked they do not do any more food delivery in train.
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I always cross Itarsi on my way back home. You should try NEELAM Hotel food in itarsi. It is famous hotel since last 20 yrs.
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hey guys... what do u think might be problems for the hotel owner to start this delivery system.. should he take the permissions from railways ??
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The one thing that still needs to be worked upon by the railways is their food service. Hygine or quality isnt something we need to expect from them. Its horrible!! But heard they have started some service on two lines where we can order food we like or something. But dont have a clue how to get it. As an alternative tried travelkhana twice and they are quite an unprofessional bunch. Kept on cancelling my order coz I travel alone and they only like order from people who travel in groups.Then their was this service which I quite recently came to hear abt called .Something like a foodpanda and for train travellers. They had a lot of options in each locations but din have lot of stations covered in north india when i ordered but had quite a remarkable coverage in south india. More over they were quite professional and coordinated. Something I din expect from an indian startup and quite surprisingly they didnt cancel my order and they did deliver me my order. Was impressed with the the customer service. But at the end of the day, exceptional initiatives like travelkhana and yatrachef are the only way we can get railways to do something to improve their service. Kudas to both the team
'train' Delivery-food Delivered To Your Seat!